Inches in Milimeters Inches by 25.4
Millimiters to Inches Millimeters by 0.039370
Inches to Meters Inches By 0.0254
Meters to Inches Meters by 39.3701
Feet to Meters Feet by 0.3048
Meters to Feet Meters by 3.28084
Fahrenheit to Celsius Fahrenheit by 0.5556-32
Celsius to Fahrenheit Celsius by 1.8+32
N/mm² to Mpa N/mm² by 1
Mpa to N/mm2 Mpa by 1
KSI to Mpa Mpa by 1
Mpa to KSI KSI by 6.89476
Kg/sqmm to KSI Kg/sqmm by 1.422
Ft. Lbs to Joules Ft. Lbs. by 1.356
Joules to Ft. Lbs Joules by 0.7376
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