We commit to our  customers the utilization of our extensive multi-grade inventory, a 35,000 square ft. facility, technically up to date processing  equipment , our  experienced sales technicians  and  support  staff.  Our team will provide products and or services which are among  the  best in the  industry.  Quality products, competitive pricing, reliable service, attention to detail and genuine support is the foundation of our commitment to our customers.

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Summer 2023

           Crazy busy times are upon us and it is great to be in the Gulf Coast region where the economy is still strong.  Even with all of the indecision Metaltech is staying steady, on course and providing the services our customers deserve.

           The story of 2022 was supply chain hiccups, force majeure and long deliveries. Getting on the books at the mill production level for steel products was and is a “must” to have any sense of continuity in the future supply of quality products. The stories are many and the challenges remained as we turned the corner into 2023. The upside projections for 2023 are the progression of some long turn major expansion projects for chemical production, LNG storage and infrastructure. These projects along with maintenance, retrofits and scheduled shutdowns will keep the steel products flowing in spite of the negative news headlining inflation and world market contraction.

           Metaltech is testing and tweaking a new ERP and operations software with many up-to-date paperless features that will streamline the back office and operational procedures. New customers are being added by new and additional sales associates in Houston and in the Alabama, Mississippi and Florida areas. Diversified equipment sets have allowed our market to expand into other industrial products in the “OEM” supply chains. New financing partners are offering required capital and support with the new growth expectations. We welcome 2023 to offer additional processing capabilities, efficiencies and products to our expanding customer base. Let us help with all of your steel product needs, if there is a steel supply problem we can assist in finding a solution!


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