We commit to our  customers the utilization of our extensive multi-grade inventory, a 35,000 square ft. facility, technically up to date processing  equipment , our  experienced sales technicians  and  support  staff.  Our team will provide products and or services which are among  the  best in the  industry.  Quality products, competitive pricing, reliable service, attention to detail and genuine support is the foundation of our commitment to our customers.

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  “New Normal”

Spring into summer 2020 was and continues to be somewhat surreal.  The COVID 19 arrival to the US has brought so many changes to our economy and the business environment. We are all struggling to adjust to personal processes, protocols, and guidelines that are ambiguous and constantly changing to keep our customers, employees and visitors safe in the workplace. Management has implemented all necessary precautions for personnel safety, health and support to our team and the local community.  

Metaltech continued to operate through the onset of the pandemic as an “essential business”.  The importance of maintaining the steady and dependable supply to the industry producers of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and energy has motivated our team to provide the best support possible keeping these “essential producers” operational.  Although the pandemic presented many obstacles, our staff and operators exhibited the ability to stay dedicated to our mission even while becoming acclimated to the pseudo “New Normal”.

 Please call, email and or inquire through our website … Our Houston or Mobile, Ala. sales team will provide material solutions for a small cut piece or mill direct truckloads.  We stand ready with technically updated equipment, diverse and broad inventories to maintain a firm distribution foundation for steel and steel products.  The challenges and the journey make us stronger, smarter and more efficient.  We stand with all businesses and individuals suffering from closures and job losses with the vision and hope that the near future will bring back prosperity and the real “Normal”!

                Stay Safe… resist the present environment as the “New Normal” !


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