We commit to our  customers the utilization of our extensive multi-grade inventory, a 50,000 square ft. facility, technically up to date processing  equipment , our  experienced sales technicians  and  support  staff.  Our team will provide products and or services which are among  the  best in the  industry.  Quality products, competitive pricing, reliable service, attention to detail and genuine support is the foundation of our commitment to our customers.

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"HOUSTON STRONG"            

Although the 2017 hurricane season dumped horrific conditions, challenges and hardships to so many communities and industries all along the affected Texas regions , the economies will rebound stronger and more determined due to the tenacious character of the Texas people.  Metaltech and its employees recognize, acknowledge and thank the extraordinary actions of so many local heroes and selfless contributions and character of the American people from surrounding states and every area of this great country. To say “thank you” just seems inadequate , but to not recognize the heart felt fellowship displayed in the moments of need would be disgraceful !  Thank you to all who contributed in any way possible.

Metaltech was busy and active prior to the storms of the season.  In late July we were able to acquire the assets of the Mobile, Alabama operation of Specialty Steel Supply, a Carpenter Technology Corporation company.  The sale encompassed all of the assets and employees  who have agreed to become part of the Metaltech family.  The assets were moved to a new facility located at 5237 Halls Mill Road Bldg-G in Mobile.  We are pleased to welcome the Alabama Team to the Metaltech family. They are a talented and special group of individuals who were able to maintain operations and fulfill customer needs during a quick and intense transition period withy limited communications and inventory access.  The future plans are to enhance the Metaltech presence in the Mobile and eastern Gulf Coast Regions with additional inventories and processing capabilities.  As with most worthwhile endeavors it takes time. Quality products, services, deliveries and solutions are the expectations of our customer base and Metaltech strives to excel in every transaction.  We look forward to hearing from you, we have added the contact numbers for the Mobile facility,  Give them a call for any of your material needs !

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